Aisha’s Favorite: Portrait Of A Hoodie

It’s been hanging in my closet for months. A sample classic hoodie from FW16 that I picked up the last time I spent a few days at the Amsterdam showroom. I remember the day became unexpectedly chilly and I got caught wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sitting shivering at my laptop. I’m not really a hoodie person - you’re more likely to find me wrapped in a blanket or college sweatshirt - but I distinctly remember putting it on and, in that moment, having a sensation of enveloping warmth and bone-deep comfort, that can only be compared to sitting by a crackling fire, sipping on hot-chocolate while a snowstorm rages outside.

Aisha in her favorite HoodLamb hoodie

As marketing director I can list the features, innovation, and sustainable manufacturing standards that are a part of each item that we make and sell - but I admit that I hadn’t experienced the hoodie personally. A lot became clear in an instant, and the script I had helped create to describe it, came alive in an instant.

What is it about this essentially basic piece that’s so special? I think it must be hemp - which really does seem to keep you warm from the inside out. And the fact that all its fibers are natural - farmed without any of that stuff that makes your skin crawl. I can just feel mother nature breathing through what were once leafy green plants and is now a beautifully made garment created with the sole purpose of keeping me warm. There is something about wearing natural and sustainable clothing that gives me a sense of purpose and leaves me safe with the knowledge that my fashion choices haven’t hurt anyone or thing.

Aisha in her favorite HoodLamb Hoodie

When I got home, the summer heat returned and the hoodie was closeted. Until this week, when I experienced the same calm and all pervading sense of well-being all over again, after grabbing it on a whim on the way out the door. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t taken it off since.

Aisha in her favorite HoodLamb hoodie

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