Justine Kept Calm And Went Vegan

justine kept calm and went vegan - vegan and fair fashion blog

Justine is one of our favorite bloggers, constantly inspiring us by her passion and commitment to vegan lifestyle and fair fashion. We’ve always wanted to know more about her, so we thought we’d ask her our six most burning questions. Scroll down to see what she says, and check out her blog at www.justinekeptcalmandwentvegan.com - we recommend it!

What is your name, age & blog?
My name is Justine and I'm 22 years old. I live in Vienna and I blog about vegan food and fair fashion on Justine kept calm and went vegan for 1,5 years.

What are your favorite (vegan/sustainable) clothing brands?
Elementy, People Tree, ARMEDANGELS, Funktion Schnitt, Stella McCartney, Wunderwerk and of course Hoodlamb!

Where do you find your style inspiration?
On the streets and in fashion magazines!

What is your most treasured piece of clothing?
It's my vegan leather leggings, I wear them almost every day!

What are your favorite (vegan/sustainable) stores?
American Apparel (Vienna), Viu (Vienna), Dear Goods (Berlin).

What are your favorite instagrams/blogs?
DariaDaria, eat this!, Ellen Fisher, Loni Jane, Kristen Leo

justine kept calm and went vegan - vegan and fair fashion blog

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