Sea Shepherd's Operation Nemesis

Captain Adam Meyerson

Operation Nemesis kicked off last month and is Sea Shepherd’s 11th anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean. Two vessels, the MV Ocean Warrior, and the MV Steve Irwin, representing the fastest and fiercest of the entire Sea Shepherd fleet, will spend the coming months hunting down and preventing illegal Japanese poachers from killing whales for profit.

The combined crew of 49 are preparing to engage in head-to-head “direct action” confrontations with the poachers and to do everything they can to stop the slaughter of innocent animals.

As with previous missions in Antarctica, HoodLamb has outfitted the crew with jackets so they can perform their on-deck duties while protected from the bone chilling cold, wind, and snow.

2017 also marks Sea Shepherd’s 40th anniversary, an incredible feat thanks to hundreds of crew, volunteers and supporters who have bravely fought to ensure the survival of the oceans for generations to come.

To commemorate Sea Shepherd’s incredible work, we will release a special edition HoodLamb x Sea Shepherd windbreaker, also currently used by the crew of the Ocean Warrior in the Southern Ocean. Each jacket sale will help support their ongoing work to save the oceans.

To learn more about Sea Shepherd’s missions and pledge your support visit

Sea Shepherd Crew Instructions

Ocean Warrior Crew

Jess Guertin

Ocean Warrior Crew

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