Tailor Talk - The Tech 4-20

Many years ago we set out to make the first truly stylish sustainable winter jacket using hemp. Like with all journeys, the path quickly became the destination, and our quest to create beautiful outerwear that is both good for the planet and great to wear continues to the present.

One of the rewards of this mission has been the Tech 4-20 - the first truly technical hemp jacket in the world. With its sustainable innovation and tailored appeal it has helped define what eco fashion looks like.

This year we set ourselves the challenge to make the Tech 4-20 even stronger and durable. The solution seemed clear - more hemp! So we upped the hemp component in the shell fabric to 77%; adding to the strength of the woven fabric, as well as the eco factor, since there is nothing more sustainable in the world than natural, hand-farmed hemp.

HoodLamb Tech 420 Winterjacket

There are countless other features that make the Tech 4-20 kind of perfect. We’ve listed some of our favorites below:

Hemp Tailored
Careful tailoring, meticulous attention to details. Great fit. Everything you never expected from a hemp jacket. Dreams do come true.

10mm Satifur Lining
This innovative lining made with hemp and and recycled PET has amazing insulating properties and helps reduce the aggregate amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Hempulose Weather Treatment
We treat the outer shell of the Tech 4-20 with a hemp cellulose compound taken from the inner stalk of the hemp plant. This creates a natural resistance to water and provides a sustainable alternative to the chemical processes normally used in weatherproofing.

Rolling Paper Dispenser
Not to be missed - one of the features that put HoodLamb on the map in our more rebellious days. Quiet, unprepossessing, it’s still there, and we love it.

Secret Pockets
Everybody has secrets. We’ve provided pockets for them.

Sunglass pocket
Neatly sewn into the shell, with a microfiber lining to help you keep your glasses safe and clean.

HoodLamb Tech 420 Winterjacket

HoodLamb Tech 420 Winterjacket

HoodLamb Tech 420 Winterjacket

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