The Classics

We call them the Classics - those HoodLamb jackets that have been with us from the beginning. Conceived to be practical as a day-to-day jacket, with a durability that lasts for years. Made with natural, hand-harvested hemp and lined with soft cruelty-free fur, they have defined the category of vegan, sustainable outerwear from the start.

Someone once said, getting into a HoodLamb is getting a long, warm hug from a dear friend. It’s not just the animal-friendly furry lining that creates that feeling - it’s the care that goes into making each lovingly tailored jacket, from the farmers with whom we have nourished relationships over the years, whose families plant, harvest, and peel the hemp by hand, each season. To the skilled workers who mill the raw material into soft yarn, and the weavers who create the long-lasting, strong natural fabrics which become your HoodLamb. All of them share in the creation of these singular pieces, which become an extension of yourself during the winter months.

Each Classic undergoes our signature Hempulose treatment - an environmentally friendly water resistant coating which is made from natural cellulose derived from the inner core of the hemp stalk. It shows outstanding performance in wet, windy or cold conditions.

Our patented Satifur is made using organic hemp, and recycled plastic. This uniquely soft and insulating faux-fur lining combines sustainability, function, and great design.

We’re proud of our HoodLambs, and we’re grateful for those who wear them, and who share in our mission to make the world a little less wasteful, a little more green, a little brighter, one jacket at a time.

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